I am a clean cyclist


As a participant of the Grand Trophee the project ‘I AM A CLEAN CYCLIST’ includes, and therefore i agree to:

1. Be careful and alert, even when riding in peleton, to follow the traffic rules and to always wear a helmet.

2. Only ride on the right side of the road to guarantee my own safety, but also the safety of my fellow cyclists and road-users. (pedestrians, drivers,…).

3. Take into account the environment and to ensure i do not harm my surroundings. I will not throw away trash on the public road or in nature.

4. To take all my trash (food wraps, bottles, inner tubes,…) in the back of the pocket of my t-shirt or in a ‘waste bag’, or directly in the bin.

5. Behave correctly, cleanly and discretely when necessary, even when i am in nature.

6. Experience my passion for cycling in a healthy manner. I do not use stimulating substances. “a healthy spirit in a healthy body”.

7. To take part in a responsible manner and demonstrate ‘fair-play’ behavior whilst cycling.

8. To support Cyclo Relais, respect their engagement and potential sanctions after failure to adhere to the rules: time-punishment, ejection from the challenge or from the Trophée.

9. Follow the promise “I AM A CLEAN CYCLIST” of the organisor, its partners and that of my fellow cyclists, by showing my environment that i am willing to demonstrate a responsible, sustainable and healthy attitude towards cycling.

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UCI Granfondo Vosges 2024

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